Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Let's Join Chef Lau's Dinner Party!

Hold on to your pots and pans, people.  This is going to be a men-who-cook-are-hawt post!

Everybody knows Chef Rolando Laudico.  Celebrity Chef de Cuisine of the Chef Laudico Group, the genius behind Bistro Filipino, and the host for the upcoming exclusive Colgate Pro-Relief Chef's Dinner Party.

Now, a handful (give or take) knows Jing.  Head cook and owner of Bulalo Mismo, loving husband to moi, and a huge fan of culinary masters around the world.

The common denominator between the two:  They both love soups.  They both love to please others gastronomically.  And, they both love to cook because they both love to eat.  My husband once said, 'If you don't love to eat, then you can't put love in what you cook.'

In the same way that Chef Lau said, “Food is my life, my love, it’s what fuels me and inspires me. I enjoy eating everything and anything! As long as it's cooked well with a lot of love. “

Sadly though, another thing they both share is sensitive teeth. It's that piercing pain that spreads to the brain like wildfire, and keeps them from their simplest joy:  Food.  For two men whose passion lies in the kitchen, this is cruel, cruel irony.

Good thing Chef Lau discovered Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.  It's as potent as the paste used by dentists but with a delightful fresh taste.  Its Pro-Argin Formula tackles the root cause of the sensitivity, making it twice more effective than other brands.  In fact, rubbing it on your affected tooth relieves the pain almost instantly.  Since then, Chef Lau goes on cooking and tasting his spectacular creations hardly feeling any sensitivity at all. 
My husband agrees.  He's been using and thanking Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief for quite some time, too.

So why must my husband and I be invited to Chef Lau's Dinner Party?  Pure and simple.  I bet these two food lovers have a lot to talk about and share with each other  --while enjoying Chef Lau's signature Bistro Filipino delectables, without the slightest tinge of teeth sensitivity.  THAT would be phenomenal!
Me?  I'd eat to that. :)

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