Thursday, September 13, 2012

And So I Instagram

Sometimes you are slapped with problems where you are rendered almost completely helpless.  Like when a loved one gets admitted for days and days on end battling a disease.  In this war, he wins one minute, he loses the next, he wins the next minute, and so on.  And there's nothing much you can do but stay and watch him go through this internal struggle, silently rooting for the underdog.
It's a waiting game.  A nerve-racking waiting game. 

I can spend hours screaming over the lack of control over the situation.  Or, I can channel the aggression into something more productive and creative.  Honestly, when faced with issues like this, the best way to survive yourself is to welcome a good distraction.

Mine is Instagram.

It's not much, but I look at these as art in the middle of chaos.  The photographic series also serves as something to chronicle a challenging event in our lives.  Something you survive.  Something you learn from.

I'm confident all this pain and uncertainty will fade away soon.  But in the meantime, I'll draw my strength from a vision ...and an app.

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