Sunday, September 30, 2012

Midnight Snacks: The Delish is in the Details

I don't think I'll ever stop blogging about Midnight Snacks.  Not if they don't stop coming up with awesome stuff like this!

Ok, It was Kenji and Alpha's birthdays.  And Miro thought what better way to celebrate it than with a Finn and Jake theme.  Boy and dog = boy and dog.  Perfect!  Kenji loves that show, too, so double awesome.

Of course, there were things to consider with joint birthday cakes like this.  Kenji loves chocolates, and Alpha can't eat chocolate (it's a dog thing).  And I didn't want an obvious cut in the middle of the cake design.  Midnight Snacks had a creative solution to that, of course. Half of the cupcakes were chocolate-flavored and designed to be the snow-covered lair of the Ice King.  The other half were carrot cupcakes topped with the grassy woods of Finn and Jake's treehouse locale.  All tied together by the magically elastic arms of Jake. Brilliant!

As you would have it, the final execution floored us --A-GAIN!

From the character craftsmanship.  See Finn's sock folds and BMO's buttons?!

To the dioramic details.  Treehouse for the win!

To the tiniest tidbits.  It's Gunther and the gang, man!  All half an inch of them!

Miro was in complete awe at how Midnight Snacks pulled this off.  It took him a while to finally sink his teeth into these masterpieces.  He was particularly concerned about destroying the Ice King's lair. :P

Kenji loved his cake so much that he would rather re-arrange the pieces and stare at them.  Then, re-arrange them again and stare at them again.  Haha!

Alpha... well, when she gets her cake, she'll eat it, too!  Smart girl.  Midnight Snacks don't just make fabulous cake art, but they make them crazy-tasty, too.  The carrot cake was insanely delicious!

Oh, there's more where that came from! For more daring designs and drool-inducing delectables, check out Midnight Snacks here.
Or, you can just wait for my next blog.  I'm ordering our next cake soon. :)

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