Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ice Age 4 The Win!

If I were to rank each Ice Age installment (one being the highest and 4 being at the bottom of the pile), I would still put the original Ice Age way up there on number 1.

My boys, however, are pitting Ice Age 3 vs Ice Age 4 at number 1.  These 2 are way more action packed than the first... and boys will be boys.

We're unanimous on keeping Ice Age 2 at number 4 simply because my boys aren't into that mammoth love thing, and I personally am not a mammoth fan of Ellie.

Anyhoo, Ice Age 3 was awesome simply because it had Buck.  Buck stole all the crazy from Sid putting him at the top spot for brave animal misfit --which my boys adore about action characters.

Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift has one huge thing going for it though.  It had ...revelations.  It had awesome 360s per character.

For example:  Poofy Manny the mammoth, although a strong authoritative figure in their 'pack', has always been the cuddly type.  This time around, he proved to be a fighter --specially when the danger concerns his family.

Tough guy Diego the saber-tooth finally revealed he was capable of love.  Well, he's always had a soft spot for lost babies and helpless sloths even when he doesn't admit it.  Oh, but now --this kind of love is for real.

Long time doofus, Sid, who does nothing but botch everything up, rose as the hero!  He saved the day with the help of his on-the-brink-of-madness grandma --whom everyone thought would just be more trouble than success maker.  Sid made the biggest turn-around here.

And Scrat, the one with the acorn addiction for 4 film releases now, actually shaped history.  Lol!  Of course, he didn't really.  But it's cool that the film makers thought of transforming his useless shenanigans into something of historical importance.  He was responsible for Mount Rushmore, dude!

My boys thought the bad guys of Ice Age 4 were cooler, too.  Nothing beats pirates.  Uhm, ok maybe dinosaurs do.  But just a little.

The big questions now are these.  With this kind of kiddie box office success, will there be an Ice Age 5?  And, will the end of their world come first ...before ours?

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