Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lego Zombie Cupcakes. Ze Bomb.

It's Miro's 11th birthday and we're kicking cupcake creativity up a notch!

His latest interest is pure, unadulterated zombies.  Call of Duty zombies, Left4Dead zombies, The Walking Dead zombies, ooey-gooey-goody zombies.
So if you're serving up a zombie-themed cupcake spread, how do you it with just the right balance of gore and giggles?

First, we went swimming (even when about to face a zombie, you want to do it fresh, ha!).
Midnight Snacks took care of the rest.

Presenting Miro's Zombierthday Party Cupcakes!  Moist chocolatey goodness snug in a thick blanket of sweet finely-sculpted fondant.  In colorful Lego palette, no less!  There's your balance.

The craftsmanship was just insane!  The details were way, way over expectations!  It was blood-curdling and lip-smacking all at the same time!

Now for those who are just about to go into cardiac arrest, the rifles are simply yummy representations of the good guys' defense in the fictional zombie apocalyptic video games kids play nowadays.

And the blood, well, it's strawberry syrup.  Not real blood.  Sorry to disappoint.

Bottomline, it was fun and quirky and really put my boy into that 'I... want... braaaains...' birthday kind of mood.  I call that an undead success.

Got a crazy idea for your next party cake/cupcakes?  Leave it to Midnight Snacks to pull it off.  And, how!

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