Saturday, July 7, 2012

DigiBoy's Handiwork

I should've uploaded this two months ago but conversion was a killer!

Anyhoo, last summer, Miro figured Digital Arts was his calling.  2 summers ago, it was Robotics.  He gets a different calling every summer.  But all are skewed towards creating something out of nothing.  He likes that kind of power. :P

Junior Digital Arts at First Academy was right up his alley, it would seem.  He had a complete blast! 

He learned Photoshop and made me this lovely Mother's Day card.

And, he learned Vector drawing, manipulation, and animation to come up with this compilation of short movies.

Something I doubt I'll ever get to do in this lifetime.

So it looks like we're coming back to First Academy of Computer Arts next summer  They have other interesting workshops lined up for him, like 3D Modeling, Digital Manga Comics, and Junior Digital Photography.

That is... if he doesn't get another totally different calling.... say, I don't know... wood carving?

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