Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bulalo Mismo is on Facebook!

After putting up my boys' Paper Macheniacs web page on Facebook, now I've done the same for my husband's little food business.
Yep, I'm a giver.  Lol!

Give it up for the Bulalo Mismo's Facebook page!  Yeeeeeey...!

This page showcases Jing's amazing homecooked Filipino goodies.  Announces daily specials.  And exposes my lame attempt at being a food blogger. 

Hhhawtness (ze blog) shares tips on easy and better-tasting cooking.  Even shares tradition and how to totally diss it in the kitchen --to lip-smacking results. :P

But enough about me.  Bulalo Mismo IS on Facebook.  LIKE it if you're hungry.

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