Tuesday, December 25, 2012

YES! Home-made Snow!

This year's Christmas post is brought to you by Weird Science Lab!

It's called The Snow Factory, and for good reason.  A holiday must for deprived tropical island folks like me who will never see snow unless they travel, or unless the Earth's wonky weather finally flips over. 

Snow is fairly easy to make, apparently.  All you need is a cup of water (preferrably cold water... because... snow is cold) and a stirrer.  We're using a plastic pancake knife simply because we did the experiment after breakfast.

Pour half the powder in one of The Snow Factory's test tube.

Stir!  It's gonna be messy.  But it's an experiment for kids so that's a given.

Well, whaddaya know --SNOW!

Perfect for a Lego snow party.

And Squiddy snow angels.  Yeeeeah...!

Now if you wanna go large scale and fill up your entire tropical backyard with this wonderful Winterland magic, you'll need about ...mmm, say, a million Snow factory test tubes.  Better start now. 
The Snow Factory from Weird Science Lab.  Available at Fullybooked for Php245.  Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity melt away.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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