Monday, December 17, 2012

The Gift Of Happy Even After, Now Available HERE!

Last year, I bought this original, finely crafted journal from a single mom (my best friend living in the Philippines) and gave it to another single mom (my best friend living in the U.S.) as a Christmas present.  These are two of the strongest, happiest women I know.  Not only because they managed to live lives as their own person, but because they wonderfully brought up two of the most beautiful little girls I love. Together, they've inspired me to be a better mom.

The Happy Even After hardbound was the perfect gift between these two.  It's an expert (it contains tips on child care), an ally (it shares encouraging stories from prominent solo moms), a confidant (it has pages where one can write down her own true-to-her-own-life fairytale come true).

I bet you know a solo mom whom you'd want to give the gift of Happy Even After to this Christmas.  She can be your friend, your sister, or your tita who was never married, was once married, widowed, or raising other people’s children as her own.

Well, guess what --NOW YOU CAN!  That's because I am giving away 3 (yes, THREE) Happy Even After journals to three of my blog readers who can tell me how a solo mom has touched their lives.

Has a solo mom inspired you to be more independent?
Has a solo mom taught you the value of great parenting?
Has a solo mom made you realize how capable you are of so many things you never even dreamed?

Do your sharing in the comment box below.  And I'll be more than happy to ship you your Happy Even After copy for FREE!  Well, if you live in Metro Manila, that is. :P

Solo moms can be the best inspiration, and the Happy Even After can be your way of saying thanks and Happy (Even After? :P) Holidays to her.

So comment away, and win!

UPDATE:  I've received some really cool sharing in both my comment box and Nuffnangx convo box!  Thanks!  You can share some more until December 30.  

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