Sunday, April 28, 2013

3's A Crowd: An Iron Man 3 Review

Prepare to be spoiled!

Iron Man 3.  What's not to like?  It has Robert Downey Jr.  That should be enough.
But just to keep us on our toes, this high-budgeted flick also introduced a massive fire power of extended fight scenes featuring a bevy of spanking new Iron Men Tony Stark has built during his down time.  He makes self-functioning robot suits/war machines as a hobby, I make papier maches.  I have never felt more lame.

As usual, the mechanical magic of how battle-ready his Iron Men suits are totally floored us.  If you have geeks for kids, they'll love every bit of this.  Of course, keeping Tony Stark grounded with his hilarious and painful experiment foul ups still gave my kids great joy.  Because there's nothing better than seeing a genius fail.  Haha!

Ah, the stunts.  This time around, they were jacked up to mind-numbing level --which my boys gobbled up like a tall glass of chocolate parfait on a hot summer day.  Our favorite:  the Barrel of Monekys save-the-falling-airplane-passengers skydiving bonanza.  That was awesome! 

Now, with the uber exciting peripherals done with, let's talk storyline.
Iron Man 3's terrorism plot using genetically altered super human soldiers isn't anything new.  But using the Mandarin as a marketing tool to give the terrorist attack solid, scary footing is definitely one for the books.  Showbiz is everything, people!  To bad dudes still using ransom notes and masked over voices while laying out your demands by phone --for shame!  Take your cue from the Mandarin. Valuable tip:  If you're not a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr (which should mean you must be a sad, sad little algae), then go watch this movie for Ben Kingsley.  The man is incredible!  Respect, dear sir... respect...

But what is that glue that ties this film's story together?

Yes, folks.  Good old fashioned couple's 'You never have time for me!  All you think about is your hobby!' quarrel which eventually led to the sacrificial self-destruction of all those fantabulous Iron Men suits, the replacement of Tony Stark's mechanical heart with a normal one, and in essence, the end of Iron Man.  Are you happy NOW, Pepper?!!  No amount of abs exposure will make us like you now!  Ha!

Jolly good show, nonetheless.  At the end of the movie, there was only one question that freaked out my boys... with that kind of wrap-up, will there ever be an Iron Man 4?


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