Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Spark of Genius, SparkleLAB.

455 P. Guevara Street, San Juan, Metro Manila. 
If you ever find yourself in San Juan, somewhere near Cafe Ysabel and the Metro Art Gallery, why don't you enter that quaint little red house in the corner?  It's a whole new world inside.  I promise you.

Picture frame made out of old toys.
This unassuming abode is actually SparkleLAB, a toy making+game making camp for kids ages 9 to 99.  99... Guess that's why I was invited to its Open House.  Lol!

Inside, you'll be greeted by the coziest, most colorful explosion of childhood fun.

Keyboarc couch.
Nom-noms while lounging on rock pillows (love those!).
Even the office is a playground.
The coolest chill out activities --which happen to be where kids draw inspirational nuggets as well.

Board games.
More board games!
Floor games.
And yes, video games.  Here, owner Miss Rosanna plays Little Big Planet with my boys.
And they never spoke to me again.  Lol!
And be amazed by the awesomeness children's imagination can accomplish.  From recycled scraps to ingenuity from scratch, every end product totally pulls out a huge success factor for your little ones.

Kid-made toys.
Kid-made puppet.
Kid-made fridge magnets, Fire Princess and Treetrunks.
Kid-made iPad case, Flambo.
Kid-made hooks and key chains.
Kid-made barrettes.
Kid-made headbands.  The calculator keys headband floored me. :)
Kid-made stuffed toy.
Eye candy falls short in describing SparkleLAB.  Although if you do get visually overwhelmed with joy, it's normal.
What it really is, is a hands-on adventure.  The kind only inventive kids and kids at heart can possibly embark on.  Speaking of which, you and your family might want to take your minds and hands on this one-of-a-kind trip this summer.  SparkleLAB has educational and innovative workshops for every toy making and game making itch you may have.  Click here for fun levels and schedules.

If you can think it, you can make it.  If you make it, you can play it.  At SparkleLAB.
Thanks again, Miss Rosanna!  We'll be back!

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