Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Papier Macheniacs: The Topping Dead

Oh, but they're more than that.  Lately, we've been pushing our recycling projects to become something more practical and reusable.  Remember Lego Keeper Gunther? :)

So today, we've come up with Papier Mache toppers --a sticky tribute to our Top 1 Favorite TV series of all time, The Walking Dead.  Surprisingly, this TWD project isn't the least bit bloody to make.

First, check your trash.  You see that big empty tissue roll?  That's your main ingredient.  Carefully cut the tube into three equal parts.

Embellish!  All you need is newspaper sculpted into hair and hats.

Off to the fun part --weapons.  Itsy bitsy, tiny ones!  You're gonna use a ton of tape, believe me.

Then, papier mache like the wind!  Gluing tissue to a tissue roll --ah, the irony! :P
Oh, you better make sure you get a good, strong double layer on these babies, by the way.  You're leaving the middle part hollow.  So you'll need strength on the body's frame itself.

Paint.  My boys insisted on Season 1 Rick Grimes.  Because "he's cooler in a sheriff outfit!".

Now, top 'til you drop!

Here's Rick as a pen sorter.  If you're hopelessly OC like me, you'd like to categorize your markers in the marker bin.  Uh-huh.

Daryl as a bottle topper.  Ok, no functional value there but it does make a simple water bottle look nice and badass.  Lol!

Michonne as a paint jar hider.  Because we'd rather cover up our paint jar messes than wash them off.  Eh, who needs clean paint jars anyway!

Hey, here's a plus!  These Walking Dead characters are swell space savers, too.  They stack up perfectly as a neat totem pole for pack-away time.  With the number of papier mache figures this family churns out on a weekly basis, yeah, space savers are very welcomed.

There!  Did we inspire you to get the family together for a night of TP-ing over TWD reruns?  If we did, we're proud to say you're on your way to a TOPtastic day.  (Yay us!)

See more photos of our TWD project on Papier Macheniacs.

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