Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Why haven't I shared this Christmas idea before?! Bad, bad, motherblogger!

We have this little tradition every Christmas. Instead of the usual gifts under the tree or the typical post-dinner exchange gifts among family and friends, we do gift-giving with a little challenge. We do treasure hunting!
The boys wake up on Christmas morn to a map I've carefully drawn some clues on. When they were younger, the clues were more direct. I drew a washing machine, so the gifts were in the washing machine. This year, I've employed a little devious misleading. The Christmas ball would let them think the gifts are behind the tree, but they're actually in the Christmas ornament box in my husband's work shed; the Disney Infinity logo would let them think the gifts are somewhere near the wii console, but they're actually in the car where they put a Disney Infinity sticker early this year.
Next year, I plan to add puzzles and maybe some challenges to the treasure hunt. Maybe like jumping through hoops of fire or something. Lol!

And did I say this Christmas hunt makes for one of the most awesome family bonding? :)

For extra Christmas fun, add a little spice to your gift-giving with a little treasure hunting. I guarantee, that present will be one your kids will treasure forever.

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