Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Sponge Out Of Water Premiere Post

I am pretty sure my boys have caught my Contest-Crazy Virus because as soon as Nickelodeon announced Free Tickets to the Sponge Out Of Water Premiere, they were all over the place with ideas on how to win.

The mechanics was pretty simple: Take a Selfie With Spongebob. My boys did like a dozen hilarious poses each, but we finally settled on these two. And as you would have it --WE WON! 4 tickets for the whole family in the bag!

*Photo from SM Cinema page
So, flashforward to March 28, 2015 at SM Megamall's Cinema One.

The long wait at the gate was made worthwhile with the ton of freebies being given away. There were these ultra snazzy Spongebob Cola Tumblers, these handy Spongebob Cheese Popcorn Tubs, Choco Knotts, ever-flowing Milkita candies, Propan TLC colouring pens and vitamins. Uh-huh. Talk about packing it packed!

There were games during the event itself. And raffles --which, given our luck in that arena, we didn't win.

But Invincibubble (aka Spongebob on steroids) was there --and that's like a huge win in itself. he high-rived Kenji! And, yes, I failed to take a shot of that. *whimpers hopelessly*

And then, the movie went on in its 3D glory --which I shall talk about in another post.
But for now, let me end this entry by saying thanks again, Nickelodeon! We've been joining your contests for years and we've been lucky enough to have always won. All our Nickelodeon Halloween Parties, we've attended for free, thanks to you.

Oh, last note: Get your kids into joining contests. There is just no better feeling of accomplishment for these little ones when they've won an event for the whole family.

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