Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Transition Mission

Transition sucks.
Even for adults moving to a new job, a new home --the transition process can be a little unnerving. So imagine how much of a pressure it is for kids moving up from the happiness that is Preschool to the seriousness of Primary school. It's a complete culture shock! And being children, they can feel a little lost, scared, and some would go into a series of tantrums that they never used to do.

I'm writing this for moms who have kids who have just moved up this school year. And most probably, experiencing the pangs of change along with their kids. Some kids ride change better. Some don't. My boys didn't.

Scared shitless!
(Miro, 2 years ago, first day at Primary School)
It was such a heartbreaker when Miro, 2 years ago, told me that he would rather stop schooling than go back to Primary. You know how the new kid always gets the heat? He was being hounded by a bully at the time.

Confident much!
(Miro and his posse, a few months later)
A bully whom, I'm proud to say, he handled bravely on his own in time.

Comfortable and cool.
(Kenji at his baby school)
Now Kenji is not one to be bullied. But it's killing me that he begs me to take him back to 'baby school' on a freakin' daily basis because 'The fun's gone, Mimi! All gone!!!!'.

Tentative and Testy
(...for now)
But the trick is just to bite your lip, swallow hard and tell him in the sweetest fashion, "Aww...but you're a big boy now. And big boys go to big schools. You'll have fun soon, don't worry."

And I'm sure he will. Judging by Miro's experience, I know he will.

It's just a matter of time, patience, a matter of good program planning from the school, and a whole lot of rabid support from the family.
And that last bit, I'm darn oozing with that. I bet you are, too.

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