Saturday, June 5, 2010


One of the best part threes in the world of movies, if I do say so myself --Shrek Forever After is quite a masterpiece.  

You'd think most part 3s would be 'it's all downhill from here' work. Some even start crumbling as early as part 2. But surprisingly, this third of a sequel is well-crafted.  It's a tad darker than the first 2 installments --which I think is what made it good (Yes, stop oversheltering your kids, people!)-- but its brand of comedy is kept to a child's level.  On the overall,  it has a brilliant story line, a wonderful twist, and not an old character is put to waste. Well, except for Gingy who had to die in the end.  
What! It's the last one of the series --SOMEONE HAS TO DIE!  

Honestly, Dreamworks is really upping its game lately. I'm impressed. And so are my boys. Including Jing who usually mumble in the middle of a kiddie movie, "Ugh, this is so kiddie.", "Ugh, the CG work is a little off.", "Ugh, the continuity sucks.", "Ugh...wake me up when it's over." Ugh.  

Now they're all waiting with bated breath as to how Toy Story 3 can top this one.  

Oh, and Shrek Forever After had the snazziest teaser posters, too. Look!

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