Friday, July 30, 2010

Bring the Piggy Back

It's old school. But it works. The amazing home-based piggy bank! 
It's an awesome tool for kids so they learn how to save their allowances for a rainy day. But what most adults didn't know is that it's an honest to goodness back-up reservoir for parents, too ...specially during those stormy days.  

I've been taking care of my plastic, neon green baby for 5 years. It's been storing change I get from buying chips and fries. For a moment, it also played an important role as The Evil Porkchop in one of Kenji's games. I only decided to end its term when the family thought of indulging in some untimely luxury, and when the heavy pig fell on Jing's foot and temporarily immobilized his little toe. It was a sign that it was time.  
Admittedly, I was a bit emotional as Jing sawed the pig open --and as the kids cheered, "Die! Die! Die!!!" (don't let our morbidity fool you. we're actually a sweet bunch.) But as soon as its coiny innards spilled out, I felt triumphant seeing that I have saved so much. And spending that money even on something luxurious (by our standards anyway) didn't make me feel guilty at all. It felt like a reward after all those years. This is what it's for!  

Seriously, it's great to have money stowed away in the bank, in savings, time deposits, stocks, etc. But for guiltless frivolity, there's the pig --even if you think you're too adult for it. Just make sure it's good and heavy when you end its service. I mean, really, what the hell is a skinny  pig.

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