Friday, July 30, 2010

Nuts for NCIS

My latest addiction:  NCIS.
This FOX show totally floors my earlier addiction to CSI.  CSI has nothing on NCIS all of a sudden.  To metaphor, CSI is a community playground to NCIS 5-floor jungle gym!
The series is well played out in content and stories and characterization.  It's impossible to not fall in love with every single character on here because you feel like you actually know them personally.  Ok, maybe that's pushing it too far.  But maybe... not quite.  
I do 'know' Mark Harmon (Gibbs) from his matinee idol days --and man, has he aged beeeyootifully!  I also 'know' David McCallum (Ducky) from his Sapphire and Steel days (oh yeah, this is waaaay long, long ago).  He was an action man in that old TV show and I can safely say that he's rocking the old man medical technician role better.  I can stretch to 'knowing' Pauley Perrette (Abby) only because we share the same goth dressing style.  
Michael Weatherly (Dinozzo), Cote de Pablo (Ziva), and Sean Murray (McGee), I've never 'known'.  But I'm getting to know and like them pretty quick.  
Casting is key to a successful TV series and NCIS so nailed that end of the deal.  Lovable, engaging characters on top of heart-stopping, engaging story lines and a mysterious overall plot line.  This show slays me.  Simply, utterly slays me.

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