Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've become one of those people who are incessantly pissed off by the lack of dog parks in this country.
(In fact, I may just join PAWS soon so hang on to your WTFs)

The trigger to my latest episode of pissery was Alpha's first birthday.  You know me, I always make birthdays special.  Be it for kids, for hubby, and yes... be it for doggie.  So I was planning some sort of picnic at a park.  And that's when the reality of it all hit me --pets here are HOUSE pets.  They should stay HOME.  Going out for short walks is the only leeway for these poor things.  But other than that, they're not going anywhere.
But thanks to my relentless researching, I found...TA-DAAAH!... Bonifacio High Street!  One of the few (very FEW) places here that welcomes dogs in their sprawling greens and even within the shops of the stretch's mall.  How invigorating!

So off we went there for Alpha's birthday and the bitch had a blast.
So did my boys upon seeing the numerous breeds of lovely dogs romping freely in the area.

The nice part is that I didn't spend a single cent on this endeavor.  Just gas.  And Alpha's cake is a homemade curnocopia of her favorite foods which she totally ate up --figuratively and literally.

Success is a doggone birthday and a doggone inexorable planner.  So there!

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