Sunday, September 12, 2010


If there's one thing kids can never get enough of, it's clay!

For us, it's gotta be blocks and blocks of Sculpey Clay from Polyform.  For a whole bunch of powerful reasons.

Clay is obviously a child's creativity channel.  With vivid imagination and crazy hands, who knows what he can accomplish with a host of these colorful babies?  And with Sculpey, the colors are just boundless.  Just as boundless as the gratification that comes with it.

Given that, clay also becomes very practical.  It can be any toy your child wants it to be at any given time.  Sculpey takes it up a notch, too.  It has clay that you can shape and bake in your very own oven so that your child's masterpiece hardens to last forever.  Whoa!  It's like he's made his own toy!

And lastly, clay is soothing.  A tantrum can easily be dashed into oblivion as soon as a child starts squeezing a lump in his hands.  And since Sculpey stays soft longer than any other clay, it's the longer-lasting, focus-teaching, age-appropriate stress ball.

We get our Sculpeys from Hobbes and Landes. It's a little pricier than other brands but you can't scrimp on super.  Come on, you know your kids will love to get their hands on these!

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