Monday, July 4, 2011

How We Got Wii

Call me a square, but I'm one of those moms who thinks buying a Php20,000.00 video gaming console is a total waste.  I'm not against turning my children into Nintendo zombies though.  So I'm still 21st century uber cool.  Just cheap.

But thanks to a good friend introducing me to the wondrous gaming discount paradise that is Data Blitz, I have managed to shed my inhibitions and become a full-fledged stick-my-kids-in-front-of-a-video game modern mom!  Yeah!  (I'm being funny --for those who don't get me. :P).

Awesome timing, too --because it was Miro's 10th birthday.  That's the big 1-0.  Double digits.  It has to be special.
And Miro was pretty sure we were NEVER getting him a Wii so it was perfect.

Deviously, we went for the big birthday surprise shebang!
We started it off with a haphazardly-made Wiimote cake.  It was meant to torture our son into thinking he's getting a Nintendo Wii when he knows he won't.  Mwahahaaaa...  
(I know the cake sucks.  Give me a break.  It was a last minute idea.  But concept-wise, it so rocks, doesn't it?  Lol!)

And then, as he sat there staring at his cake in confusion, we sang off-key and handed him 'the big one'!
A Nintendo Wii bundle pack that sold for a mere Php8,860 only at Data Blitz!  It came with a Mario Kart game and the Wiimote wheel, along with the Wiimote controller and the Nunchuk (high-tech terms I've just learned, haha!).
Big bang bargain!

To enable 2-player zombifying action, we got the Wii Memorex controller and wireless Sidekick set for only Php1,995.00.  Again, only from Data Blitz.  The original Wiimote and nunchuck set was around Php3,000.00, and even more at toy stores.  So again, a nifty score!

Wrapping it up with a nice bow on top, these sum up Miro's 10th birthday:
•  Good buys galore from Data Blitz.
•  Parenting win from Mimi and Dada.
•  And the biggest, happiest, proudest, 'loving-est' smile from my 10-year old young man.

You can't put a price tag on that.  But I'm giving it a perfect 10. :)

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