Monday, July 18, 2011

A Mother's Flowerama, Loveapalooza Birthday

Important tip:  When a mother says she doesn't want anything for her birthday, read between the lines... SHE WANTS SOMETHING.  :P
She wants simple appreciation, a little attention, and maybe a heap of love.

Good thing my husband knows me soooo well.  He knows I won't want anything huge, not anything expensive, not anything that will take a lot of his effort and time.  I never said that though.  But couples have this amazing way of reading each others' minds.

So when I came home after spending the most of my birthday at work, I found this!

My 3 boys (and the dog) with 3 bouquets of roses singing (and the dog howling) 'Happy Birthday, Mimi' and then segueing seamlessly to 'Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic'!

It's simple, I know.  And I'm sure you think I'm an overreacting hag who just had to blog about something.  But really... it's a surprise!  Who doesn't like a surprise???

It's a big thing for me because I don't do surprises.  I'm the family's Activity Planner.  I get details and I sit the family down to discuss if we want to make a go for it.  My husband, on the other hand, is the family's Surprise Giver.  He's more spontaneous and more fun than I could ever hope to be.  And with our budget being tight since last year, he still had to spread joy and surprise me no matter what!
Plus, my boys went to town with the 'Eeeyooo-oooh!' part of the popular Police song so can you really blame me for being quick to the giddy?

So that was my most awesome flowerama-loveapalooza birthday --thanks to my most awesome boys!  

Another important tip:  When a woman tells you she doesn't like flowers because they're way too corny, read between the lines... SHE LIKES THEM! :)

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