Friday, October 3, 2014

Papier Macheniacs: The Detonator

We're back! And with guns a-blazing!

Just look at this handsome son of a gun!

It's Pyro's The Detonator from Team Fortress 2. Oh, we just had a total blast making this one.

In true Papier Macheniacs tradition, we started the magic with a whole lot of junk. An empty Pringles can, an old Lego RV box, and a tired tissue roll repurposed themselves for this project.

Then, the tissue and glue started the mummification process. We did 4 layers on this bad boy for extra toughness. It is… eherm… a deadly weapon after all.

Now, you're probably wondering why we didn't sculpt this thing whole like we always do all our projects. This time around, we shaped three separate pieces because we're using non-paper materials to hold them all together. Yup, that's a first for us.

We wanted a working ammo chute with a snap-lock mechanism. So we recruited my husband for the job. Cleverly, he used a cupboard hinge and an airsoft bullet to get things clicking. How resourceful is that??? Me and the boys were floored! We vowed to re-use his impeccable services for future projects. Hehe… you're in this now, honey.

Markered! And it looked so cool in black and white.

And then painted to absolute detonating perfection. With medical gauze tape to hold the pieces together, as seen on Steam.

Of course, I can't just end the blogpost there. My boy insisted that a demo of the first-ever Papier Macheniacs fully operational snap-lock mechanism was in order. So…
And there you have it. TF2's The Detonator. I bet we just made Pyro so, so proud. *sniff*

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