Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Chunky Soft Batch's Guide to Comfort Food

Ah, comfort food. It's that thing you crave for on a gloomy day. That single sinful decadence that will make everything okay.
But not all gloomy days are created equal. Some days are more harrowing. More complicated. And no amount of luscious chocolate cookie is enough to make things better.
Good thing not all comfort foods are created equal either.
Presenting… drum rollMidnight Snacks Chunky Soft Batch Cookies!
Cookies that are made with extreme comfort in mind.

Having had one of the most insane weeks of my life, I just had to get the assorted box. Because I felt I deserved the overflow of goodness. Midnight Snacks seemed to agree. They even threw in an extra cookie.
Now, for my drool-worthy review.

The cupcake flavour favourite not only made it into a cookie, but it has gone off and married the pristine perfection of white chocolate. A lavish combination that takes you to heaven, sinner or saint.

Eating this was nostalgic. It's a camping weekend with a campfire and charred mallows. It's a delightful trip. After all, the key to a comfort food's strength is its ability to take you away, even as you stand still.

Sweet and salty has come out to play. The pretzel takes you back to a crunchy snack time after school. But this time, made more desirable with its brilliant medley with the bittersweet gift of dark chocolate.

This is closest thing to a basic cookie. And yet, it's still not as simple. Luscious chunks of chocolate encrust this temptation. It's a concoction that pushes the regular chocolate chip cookie to greater heights.

Butter and Cheese together? Can you even imagine the overload of luscious positivity coming out of this? It's like a never-ending breakfast at a gazebo of an Italian cafe. Taking it creamy. Taking it slow.

Was I too poetic just now? Good food and feeling good does that to me.

If you must find comfort in something you can taste and enjoy, don't hold back. Midnight Snacks Chunky Soft Batch gives you a whole new level of 'feel good' beyond what you expect, above what you believe, and exactly as rich you deserve.
Order now.

*Cookie photos from Midnight Snacks

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