Sunday, May 10, 2015

Papier Macheniacs: Springtrapped!

Heeeeee…. I LOVE THIS PROJECT! I am so fangirling about it because it's the creepiest character in Five Nights At Freddy's and he's my personal favourite! Eeeeekkk!!!
*slaps self* 

Okay, the project in question is our Springtrap paper mache mask with moveable jaw. As usual, we used only items on hand to build it. Basic pieces for this mask are a couple of paper plates, three empty flip tops, and a number of plastic drinking straws.

One of the reasons why we liked this project was because we didn't have to make it perfect. Springtrap in the popular game, is a horribly destroyed animatronic. So, in creating its paper mache counterpart, we had a field day wrecking his face and trashing his ears. None of the usual trying to create smooth surfaces and perfectly sculpted edges. YAY US! Haha!

Painting the mask was equally a blast! Lots of marring and disintegrating and splattering done single-handedly by my big boy. Looking at the end product, it was a museum artist's nightmare and a Papier Macheniac's delight.

After that, it was all a matter of attaching Springtrap's lower jaw with a stud-type folder fastener…

Snapping a couple of Done-and-Done pics…

And then stuffing the masterpiece with our very own screaming-for-his-life resident Purple Guy.

Oh, but you know us. We don't stop there. As you ponder on the possibility of crafting a Springtrap paper mache mask for yourself (or your kid), please do feast your eyes on this little video we made.

Cool fact: I didn't even add special effects to my little boy's voice here. He makes all-natural monster voices perfectly. Hey, yeeeeah! Now that's a skill you wanna put in your resume. :)

* Credits to the awesomeness of The Bonnie Song

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