Sunday, May 24, 2015

Back to Robotics Summer 2015

With the hectic schedule we had all April, I was only able to get Miro into his favourite summer camp for a 5-day package in May. I was worried that this was too short. But, as always, First Robotics did not disappoint. Those 5 days were gold!

Always a stickler for instant gratification, First Robotics gave my boy the fulfilment of building a robot, programming it, and accomplishing a task in less than two hours each day. A new thing thrown into the program was the concept of teamwork. My boy had to work with a partner in designing and programming a robot --which, to be honest, was an entirely unnerving thing for him at first. He likes pouring his personal mojo on his creations. But, he did get the hang of the new work style and managed to pick up a few new friends along the way.

Here are some of his team's summer robots:
Miro with SteamWheel
The Grabber
Killer Windmill
And a couple of them in pure, badass action:

Of course, I just had to add First Robotics official summer workbook where my bots down all these science stuff! :P

The good news is that First Robotics isn't just a summer gig. It runs for the whole year. And their summer specials are up 'til August.
So if you want your kids to experience something different and something that's so up there with the times, take them to First Robotics. I'm sure it doesn't surprise you the slightest that we're coming back.

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