Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Papier Macheniacs: The Byted Beak

Whoa! Working with paper and metal is insane!
But... we did it anyway.

Presenting Team Fortress 2 Medic's Byted Beak Robot Mask ala Paper Mache!

We started out the project with pretty much our comfort zone materials: paper, cardboard, rolls and rolls of tape.

Mummifying it with tissue and glue was, as always, relaxing. So was marking it with paint guides.

Painting it was fun, as usual. From the get go, we decided that we'd customise our Byted Beak's colour palette and we get a kick out of mixing hues to come up with our own.

Fitting in the lens was another easy stage. Ho-hum.

Then... came the tricky part.
The Byted Beak, being a robot mask, cannot be made out of paper alone. We have to somehow throw in some hardware. Okay, we really didn't need to. But we do like killing ourselves. So… we went for it anyway.

We got bolt fasteners and little plastic lid protectors that we hoped would give the paper mask an illusion of 'robot-ness'.

Getting the materials was a walk in the park. Mixing the 2 media together was the challenge. It was our first time to work with a puncher, a cutter, and an ice pick. Yes! An ice pick!

After that little learning curve and several blisters later…

It was cosplay time --which happens to be another Papier Macheniac comfort zone. Yay!

Did this project inspire you to make your own Byted Beak Robot Mask? Hope it did. Can't wait to see how you made yours.

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