Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy NERFday by Midnight Snacks

Do your eyes deceive you?
This is indeed a Nerf Rapidstrike Assault Rifle. Powered with chocolate and vanilla buttercream filling. Amped with marshmallow fondant. The perfect secret weapon for a 14-year old Nerf nut's surprise birthday party.

So let us take a moment to bask in the magnificence that is another Midnight Snacks cake!
Midnight Snacks has always been my go-to for my most insane cake ideas. I'm not kidding in the least when I say that if you can think it, they can make it.

I mean, just look at the craftsmanship on this baby. The meticulous attention to detail. That tiny Elite emblem alone had me geeking out of my mind!

And the flavour goes beyond your sweet tooth's expectations. Underneath this magical coat is a fluffy, creamy cake. Oh, and the chewy Nerf darts were a big hit, too!

I bet this post alone has got you drooling.
If you got a party coming up, sugarcoat it with the best cake you can think of. Just about anything! And see it come to life, thanks to Midnight Snacks.

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