Friday, January 1, 2010

Puppy Love

There is nothing more touching than the bond between boy and dog.

Kenji and Alpha really hit it off great in just a few days (in just a few hours even)!  Now they're inseparable.  They sleep together, they wake up together, they play together...  

Ah, but it's just all warm and fuzzy until Kenji's Pet Killer instinct kicks in.

Day One:  He's locked Alpha in the toy chest.  
Day Two:  He's tried to smother Alpha with a plastic shopping bag.
Day Three:  He's thrown a giant marble right in the middle of Alpha's eyes, point blank, sending the pup shrieking and whimpering away!  (Kenji cried and apologized to Alpha for this one, by the way)
Day Four:  He's put scotch tape all over the poor animal's back.
Day Five:  He's covered Alpha in pillows and blankets and left him there trapped for a good few minutes until I heard muffled whimpering.

But no matter what, Alpha still loves him.  Sticks to him like crazy glue.  
That's love.  Or...maybe a death wish, I don't know.

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