Friday, January 8, 2010

Creative Consultant

Well, here's a snazzy title that's flying around the industry lately.  It replaces and glamorizes the old has-been title of Freelancer.  Reason being, the 'freelance' root word is a bit, well, demoralizing.  It tells you that the person is doing this because he or she has no job at the moment and possibly no career future at all.  Whereas, a Creative Consultant is someone an agency or a client calls on to 'consult' on various advertising problems.  The title makes one feel important, a cleaner, a person who comes to your rescue when your marketing plans have gone haywire.  The Creative Consultant is ...a hero
But really, 'freelance'...'consultant'...they're both creative and they do the same job.  They're both guns for hire.  They both work according to their own terms.  The only difference is that the latter earns more than the other (and by 'more', i mean 'still not much') simply because he or she was smart to use that kind of title.  That title screams superiority, almost a managerial stance --therefore, deserving more (but 'still not much').
So even if both bozos have nothing left to eat and not a career to speak of, the other one maintains at least a sharp, lavishly perfumed ego.

The Creative Consultant

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