Sunday, January 31, 2010

He still won!

After 3 months of grueling practice and drills, endless whining with intermittent joys, and back and forth 'I quit!'/'I joined again!' drama sequences with Miro ...the Junior Sports Convention elimination round finally happened.
And as luck would have it, right on the day I had to work!

Distracted, I prayed that they make it to the finals.  Because I'm going to be there with pom-poms, giant thumbs up sign, and powerful lungs to cheer for my boy!  In the meantime, Miro's teacher, the coach, and even the school director were nice enough to keep me posted on the blow-by-blow of how the eliminations panned out.  I was at the edge of my seat!

Finally, the coach sent me this message:  "Ma'am, sorry, we lost 22-7."  But before I could feel a tinge of sadness, it was followed by:  "But Miro had fun.  He laughed and ran and was in high spirits the whole time!"

Well, that was enough win for me.  I know how this experience helped mature my boy (And his hair, I might add.  The school actually had everyone in the team sport military buzz cuts to the game.  And they paid for them!  Incredible!).  And for a first-time basketball player, the mere fact that he enjoyed every minute of the shortest basketball game in history was the best trophy.  I know this is the start of something good for him.
I'm so proud of Miro.  He's a changed boy.
No...he's a changed man.

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