Saturday, January 16, 2010


BOO-YEAH!  I just found the best cheesecake in the land!  
Secret Recipe's Mango Marble Cheesecake.  It's not new news.  People have been raving about this dessert for a very long time --being Secret Recipe's bestseller.  It's compact, moist, not too sweet, not too bland, just right.  You don't get this kind of balance in any old cheesecake.  There's the runny blueberry cheesecake that's bound to give you a diabetes shock in a few spoonfuls, there's the delectable-looking chocolate cheesecake that's as dry as the Sahara in the middle.  Honestly, most cheesecakes are just for-show cakes.  Pretty, great for photo ops cakes.  They look great, but for most, the proof of the pudding fails miserably.  
Secret Recipe's Mango Marble Cheesecake, however, wins all my cheesecake requirements with flying colors.  Looks fab on the outside, tastes glorious on the inside.  What really hooked me is the lovely creaminess that's so put-together, it feels absolutely... complete.  
Hard to explain.  Just drop by Secret Recipe.  This is one bit you have to sink your teeth into to believe.

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