Sunday, January 17, 2010


"You have to watch it in 3D!  It's so worth it!", "Best comeback by James Cameron!", "I'm watching it for the third time!!!"
Am I the only one who's not going gaga over this film?!!  I have absolutely no interest (or even the slightest curiosity) to see the film.  I know, people will be stoning me for that brazen, naive comment.  I'm honest.  Sue me.  Maybe it's plain ignorance.  I never really brushed up on the Avatar brouhaha.  All I know is that the movie has these annoying CG animated blue people riding flying dragon-like creatures in earthy tones.
My husband --who's more prone to peer pressure, I might add-- was quick to grab a DVD copy of the movie.  And he said the plot was actually good (despite the bad quality of his pirated goods).  He only watched halfway though and then dumped the film altogether because the fake copy didn't give justice to the original material's aesthetic value.  So...Avatar is actually 'dumpable' if it didn't have the high visual quality?  So what is it really?  A good movie?  Or a delightful eye candy?
Personally, I'm seeing it as a bandwagon thing.  People watch it because their friends have watched it.  It's the IN thing!  And you shouldn't miss it because you'd be OUT if you did.  That's my humble opinion, of course.  Feel free to denounce me as a horrible movie critic.  Like I said, I know nothing about the movie because it never really peaked my interest even with all the publicity.  And to me, if you didn't get my attention the first time, it means you must be excruciatingly uninteresting.
Plus, it broke my heart when I found out that this movie had nothing to do with Cartoon Network's Aang: The Last Avatar. :P 

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