Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cute and Ingenius!

While hunting for video game walkthroughs, my boys found the Cute Mario Brothers on youtube. And it ain't a game. It's an ingenius short movie flick featuring Super Mario character dolls moved and voiced by a couple of kids. It's basically shot during the kids' play time using a typical handheld camera. It might even be a camera phone since the quality is grainy and blurry. But the original plot line is superb. The imagination of these kids are incredible! Camera work is interesting, too, though a little shaky. The treatment is documentary yet fun. With the funniest of script lines using the kids' voices mimicking ultra fake Italian accents --Mario and his brother Luigi are Italian, after all. The ingenius streak doesn't stop there. Apparently, these boys have been uploading their unique Cute Mario Brothers' short flicks on youtube for quite some time now. They have a hefty reel of episodes! And incredibly, a great number of following. Plus two more, counting my very own two boys. The Cute Mario Brothers have inspired my boys to take their play time to a higher level of creativity. Their camera work when they shoot videos of their own RPG (so to speak) skits have improved as well.
Recently, I've found out that the Cute Mario Brothers' videos are already on other video sites, too. And an instant pop-up when you google Mario Brothers.
2 kids simply playing around --and they're immensely famous in cyber world.
I'll have to check if they're earning big on this endeavor of theirs --because in my book, they should.

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