Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Mad Date with Miro

Today was Miro's and my first mom-and-son date (read:  first time to go out without the whole family and goon entourage).

I was worried because I was so sure I'd get lost in the mall, or I'll lose my purse, I'll lose my phone, I'll lose Miro!!!!  ... I get crazy when I'm alone.  But the thrill of independence was just so much to bear!  And Miro was pretty excited.  So we went with it.
Miro chose the Mad Science Mall Invasion as the perfect geeky date theme.  Why am I not surprised?  LOL!
He had fun with all the experiments and explosions.  I had a field day finally getting a photo of him with the mad scientists.  This was his dream come true.  You can tell by that beaming face, can't you?

Aside from being slimed on, dusted on, sanded on, half-frozen by a fire extinguisher, and almost fried to a crisp by a chemical explosion --we actually had a grand time!  I'll definitely go out with him again. :D

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