Sunday, April 11, 2010

That Alaska Kickass Adventure

Does your child have extra energy to spare?  Let it all out in organized sports (aka a mom's one way ticket to parental pain!)!
This summer, we slayed at the Alaska Football Power Camp.  While fabulous as a summer program for your child 6 years old and above, the camp runs for a full year taking a break only during the rainy season --which I question because nothing beats the cinematic beauty of footballing in the rain.

Anyway, Kenji --my little Tasmanian devil-- put his manic energy into full blast at the 2-month camp.  Thus, making the Php5,400 price tag that came with it worth it.

The camp's package came with a swanky uniform --which my son so totally rocked.

It came with unyielding drills under the burning sun.

One-on-one competitions.

Teamwork exercises.

And a well-deserved graduation certificate in the end.

Plus, the beaming satisfaction of self-fulfillment via a shiny medal, a glass trophy, and a fine tete-a-tete with Alaska Football Power Camp head organizer and Spain's football legend, Tomas Lozano.  Oh yeah, he played with Pele!  PELE, man!

Every child with the penchant for running, kicking, and getting sand and dirt all over himself needs to be exposed to football.  And no camp is better!

You can ask Kenji... and the huge grass gash on my knee which I got from chasing him all over the gigantic Alaska playing field (cue 'parental pain').

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