Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fashion Beats to the Bark of Hobbes and Landes

I have one dream that will never, ever come true in this cruel lifetime:  To be a Supermodel.
(What, whaaaat!  I'm entitled to my own madness! And I can see you rolling your eyes, mom!)

But thanks to Hobbes and Landes, I managed to pseudo-live that loopy dream vicariously through Alpha. How, you ask?  The Style Origin Fashion Beats Fashion Review hit the catwalk on May 21 to showcase Bonifacio High Street's high end fashion faves --one of which is Alpha's beloved pet palace, Hobbes and Landes.  And wouldn't you know it, Alpha got chosen to be one of the ramp models!  You go, baybeeh!

We even have the labeled stage pass to prove it!  (This is for you, mom.  Mwahaha!)

Pet and owner came in matching costumes they obviously went to town with.

Presenting Casual Chic.

Ballroom Beaus.

Summer Sizzlers.

Diva Duo.

Alien Allies.

And Rocker Royalties.
The Hobbes and Landes pet products we strutted down the runway with were awesome, too!  Like this sweet heart-shaped puppy stroller.

And then there's the fabulous music by Brass Munkeys!

So fab, in fact, it had Alpha dancing --which had the audience cheering and us almost getting entangled in her leash and falling offstage. *egad!*  Ah, the hazards of professional modeling.  Haha!

Overall, it's the bomb of an experience.  That's what we love about Hobbes and Landes.  It loves our pets just as much as we do.  And, yes, it makes impossible dreams (like mine, lol!) come true.

Jing (proud father and paparazzi) and I can't wait for the next pet event.  Come on, Hobbes and Landes --like a dog, we're begging for more!

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