Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pet Mom Gone Practical

Pet mommies with a knack for fashion and practicality... this blog is for you.

You know that joy-joy feeling you get when you realize you can fit into your old clothes again?  And then this feeling is overshadowed by a spasmic cringe when you realize your old clothes are just so '80's beyond good taste?
Here's an easy cure.

I've got this over-the-hill Madonna-type lace and denim ensemble which can actually be passable for a casual rocker chick theme... if it weren't a floor-length Siouxie and the Banshees number.  Egad!  All that lace and denim can send an innocent bystander to hurl!

Quick fix --quick trim.
But what the hell do you do with all that chopped-off fabric?  Ah, here is where your quiet little pet --who a few minutes ago was minding her own business in a corner-- gets dragged into the mess.  With nothing more than your old Home Economics sewing kit, start measuring, snipping, and getting your needle and thread motion going. 

Hey, presto!  Instant park dress for the family pooch, Alpha! 
I made use of a couple of buttons to clasp the whole thing up top.  Then cut off a couple of strips for shoulder straps affixing them with buttons and tying them together in a rough bow.  I made use of mismatched buttons, by the way.  Just to match the zany disposition of the lace and denim combo.
ALPHA:  "Why do I need a dress for??  I love nudity!"

I kept the bottom part free to accommodate Alpha's leg movements.  Hey, just because she's dressed like a lady, it doesn't mean she's going to move demurely.  Keeping the bottom part free also allows the dress to billow nicely.
ALPHA:  "Ok, nobody consulted me about this!  I want my lawyer!"

Oh, goody!  Now we have matching outfits for a glorious day out in the park!
ALPHA:  "Oh dear God!  Don't embarrass me, woman..."

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