Monday, May 9, 2011

Inflatably Emotional

It must be freaky to go nostalgic on an inflatable pool.  But look at it from a mother's point of view.  The pool comes out only once a year,  in summer.  And so essentially, as soon as the kids dive in --the inflatable pool transforms into a  growth chart.  It tells you in one quick glance how your sweet, little babies have grown into big kids the past year.  Or, if you choose to be delusional, how your pool shrunk during storage.

I remember when Jing came home with that green inflatable wonder a few summers ago.  The boys were ecstatic.  It was HUGE!  It was an Olympic pool to them!  Swimming went on for hours!

The next summer, they were still thrilled when the pool came out.  They didn't even notice that it's become slightly smaller for them.  But of course, I did.

On its third year, the pool made it out again.  And this time, the change is just so obvious.  No longer an Olympic-sized pool but a mere jacuzzi, the inflatable still received the same happy welcome... but the swimming session didn't last for hours this time around.  Guess there just wasn't much space to do much now. 

While I lamented on the fact that my boys are no longer babies -as clearly slapped on my face by this damn sturdy inflatable pool-- my husband stands by his opinion that the pool only seemed cramped because this year, the dog joined in.

Sometimes it is better to be a little delusional.

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