Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Geek Mom on Mario Music

If there was a party game where moms would be asked to name the video game and game level of Super Mario tunes played under time limit ... I would sincerely slay.  Sincerely.

My boys are so into soundtracks now.  Topping their taste are Super Mario video game music themes which they download to iTunes and/or upload to my phone's ringer list.  They were always rabid about it and I didn't quite get what the big deal was.  Until I heard that one track from Super Mario Galaxy.  It was a sweeping orchestral ditty that I immediately associated with warriors fiercely battling it out with fire-breathing dragons.  Or, running wild horses across a field of flames.  It was just too beautiful, too audally spectacular, too visually stimulating.

There must be a beefy market for that kind of musical gaming fascination since an actual Super Mario Galaxy audio CD is out on the market.  Each level theme piece just as majestic as the first.

Interest piqued, my sons then exposed me to the colorful soundtrack of Super Smash Brothers Brawl --another Super Mario game with another musical hit line-up.  Only this time, it had more variety.  The tracks went from rich orchestra to house to hip hop to honky tonk.  Reason being, each character (and God, there were a lot!) has their own distinct theme music.  The hodge podge gave the characters more personality and depth.  It was done splendidly.

Of course, cheapskate will always dominate my good taste so instead of buying the CDs for my boys, we hunt and download.  Surfing for these illusive downloadables is half the thrill anyway.
Our favorite Super Mario treasure trove sites:   beemp3, mp3skull, and naturally, mariomayhem.

Musically, Super Mario has indeed gone a long way.  But hey, who doesn't still hum the original, classic Super Mario theme in their heads once in a while, eh?  Admit it, admit it!

Do-doot-doot-do-doot-doot... doot...

Ah, geek mom signing off.

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