Saturday, August 13, 2011


I like things complicated.
In food, particularly.
In ice cream, I'd easily ignore the usual vanilla for a Cheesy Choco Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Gelato.  Same goes with burgers.  It can't just be a boring mash of beef patty, pickles, cheese and lettuce in there.  There has to be mushrooms, bacon, chili pepper, potato chips, garlicky curry mayo --aka, the I-Will-Hate-Myself-For-This-Later works.

My heart flutters wildly for hybrid concoctions, too.  And the latest on my plate --SISIG PANCIT!
Sounds weird, tastes great!  It brings together 2 of my favorite comfort foods in a delectably joyous stone grill dish and wooden slab.  The sisig is spicy and rich.  There's an amazing crunchiness to the noodles.  The egg, garlic and herb toppings complete the big bang flavor that creates mad fireworks in your mouth.

Where did I find this complex meal, you ask?  Ooooh-ho, won't you be surprised...

Cowboy Grill Express!  Uh-huh, Cowboy Grill.  Remember that barbecue place you used to hang out in after school or when you're cutting classes and all you wanna do is drink beer and watch a band play '80s hits?  That's the one!  The one I went to is the restaurant's express dining hole at Fort Bonifacio.  Nice place with friendly people and awesome food --minus the band.  Which I guess is a good thing in my age now.  Lol!

Sisig Pancit --which I promptly had 3 plates of!-- is just the beginning.  I learned their menu is slowly being beefed up with new, innovative recipes that should excite the adventurous eater in you.  Now, THAT'S something to look forward to.

If you've ever had unforgettable moments at Cowboy Grill in your wild and wanton youth, I think it's high time for a rekindling.
Oh, going back to an old flame is easy!  Contrary to what people say, it's not that complicated.

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