Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Blog-a-Blogs for Blog Day!

What better way to celebrate the 6th International Blog Day than to let you have a peep into the real me!

Hmm... not interested, huh?

Oooohkaay.  What better way than to let you have a peep into the real me by sharing with you my own favorite blogs!


Good!  Here goes.  

Earth Mama Doula
One of my faves is a blog by a wonderful mother who is an exact opposite of wonderful me.  I gave birth to both boys, CS.  I never went into labor.  I never pushed.  I was never able to give them breastmilk.  Then along comes this blog that talks about everything natural --from childbirth to weaning to parenting.  A magnificent read that tells me that no matter how good a life I give my boys, there will always be something I missed.

Kitchen Kitchie Koo
I love to cook but it's always a hit or miss with me.  I'm confident that I can never put up a food blog with confidence.  And that's why I love this blog.  It inspires me.  And no doubt, it hungers me.  Maybe someday, I will have the strength to put up a food blog myself.  Maaay-be.

Green Tea Design
If the day wore me out and I want to see something beautiful for a change, this is the blog I turn to.  It's cyber retail therapy.  Or, for the lack of funds, blissful eye candy.  I learn about lovely trinkets, unique home decor, fantabulous furniture I never even knew existed.  It designs the rest of my day beautifully.  See how the word 'shop' is eternally highlighted there?

Let's Cosplay!
Surprise, surprise!  I'm a geek mom!  But really, if you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I'm addicted to DIY.  Whether it be for my children's Halloween costumes, or our dog's.  This blog is the perfect tutorial for me.  It lays out costume-making, step by step.  It may not be the exact same costumes I make and it's not even that close to our homemade family projects.  But the blog does show me that with the right amount of talent, resources, and crazy hands... anything is possible.

The Superficial
Oh, who doesn't love hearing dirt about those uber perfect Hollywood stars, eh?  I do!  Again, it's therapy.  The mean kind.  But it does make me smile.  This blog is written in such a way that I can laugh at supposedly super awesome people and feel good about myself.  It's sad, I know.  But still, it's fun.  Oh, click the link --you'll know what I mean!

I speak sarcasm very fluently in a variety of accents.  But in a parenting blog, you can't rant and rave and dish it out that freely.  Specially it it's about work that has very little to do with being a mom.  This is why this blog speaks to me.  Or should I say, speaks for me.  It talks about the ups and downs and the survival of a freelance writer.  In colorful sketches, in a colorful language.

So that's who this mother blogger is.  Oops!  I mean, so that's what this mother blogger reads.
Check them out and maybe you'll also find that other side of you that's bolder, funnier, naughtier, zanier.  You are what you read.  And this blogger reads... and IS... a delicious buffet.

Happy 6th International Blog Day, everyone!

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