Friday, November 18, 2011

An Angrier Bird Birthday

Angry Birds here, Angry Birds there.
If you were to look up the list of trendiest kiddie party themes in the metro today, these gaming hot-tempered fowls will be perched ever so comfortably at the top most branch.  The theme is overused and abused to near overkill.

So what do you do if you really MUST have the Angry Birds as your child's birthday motif.  Surprisingly... go for the overkill.

The best way to pull off a concept is to the hilt.  And out of the three children's parties my boys went to this month alone, Bash's Birthday Bash was the most Angry Bird-tight.

In this party, decor was key.  I loved how the chairs were even dressed in the same cartoony colors of the popular game.

And there just wasn't any scrimping on the authentic birdy balloons.  Look!  Up in the sky!  It's a bird!  --why, yes... yes, it is.

The cake didn't chirp either.  It hooted!  Hooted an angry hoot!

And the photobooth was eternally flocked by kids delighted with the hefty array of Angry Bird plush caps they had to wear per snap. 

By the way, all the young guests were asked to come in Angry Birds t-shirts.  A dress code!  That splendid show of thematic organization adds a fine feather to your cap, Bash!
On the other hand (or wing), the bubbly 1-year old birthday celebrant wore an Angry Bird costume ALL THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THE PARTY.  Now THAT'S dedication to the theme!

No, this isn't him.  It's Miro, gone to the birds. :P

This blog's party tip on overused themes:  Push the limit.  Out of the bunch, be the most memorable.
Don't be Angry.  Be Angrier!


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  2. Thank you! :) The cake's my favorite, too.