Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Adopt-a-Tree Friends

The school came up with an amazing thing called the Saturday Club.  This is basically a group kids can join for weekly field trips.  It's a neat idea because the students get to be with their teachers in less stressful conditions.  No books.  Just plain fun.
My boys have joined many of these Saturday Club outings, and for me, last weekend's was the best so far.

The teachers brought the kids to the La Mesa Ecopark.  Not only did my little city slickers get the much-needed fresh air and much-wanted nature trek, they also learned more about environmental conservation --a valuable lecture that comes with every EcoPark package.

After the educational tour and talk, the kids finally got their hands dirty with the Ecopark's Adopt-a-Tree Program.  The Treeplanting/Nursery Activity, hands down, was my boys' favorite part of the whole trip.  Oh wait... they kinda liked the Naming Rights that came with planting their own tree, too.  I mean,  MY own tree, right?

When they got home, Miro asked, "Mimi, can we visit our trees when they grow up?"
"Of course!". I said with a smile, holding the Tree Adoption Certificates the Ecopark gave them.  "You do have the adoption papers which give you full visiting rights."
To this, Kenji said, "Yay!  I'm a daddy!

Environmental, enlightening, empowering.
Now wasn't that a well-spent Saturday?

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