Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Gaga Over Gargling

My husband and I --we're big on snuggles, cuddles, and smooches.  Even before we got married, and even now many years later.  Being emotionally and physically comfortable with one another has always been the strong foundation of our ultimately cheesy bond.

But, this almost got a little shaky ...on our Wedding Day.

Picture this:  It's the Big Day.  In between make-up, dressing up, prep pictorial, church, one more pictorial, reception, yes, another pictorial --when do we take a mouthwash gargle break?!

Turns out, we didn't need to.  With Colgate Plax!
Colgate Plax gives advanced anti-bacterial protection for longer lasting fresh breath.  How long?  12 HOURS!  With 99.9% of bacteria totally eliminated.  All it takes is one gargling at the start of the day, then it works its magic even when you're too busy 'til night time.  How convenient and comfortable is that!

how to make animated gif
With Colgate Plax, it would've been like we gargled all throughout our wedding day!  HA!

Ok, that's just a lame, homemade gif.  But the anytime-anywhere freshly-gargled feeling IS genuine.
You can test the real deal with your own photo using the Gloo-Gloo Animation App at the Colgate Plax website.

It shows you exactly how Colgate Plax works for you.  Plus, it's super funny and super share-worthy!  
Just like this crazy gif of 2 freshly-Gloo-Glooed smoochers.  LMAO!
how to make animated gif

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