Sunday, November 25, 2012

O, Wow, O, Yeah!

Psst... What's in the bag?

I attended the very first Nuffnang Blogopolis Summit last week and one of the biggest surprises they had for all the bloggers there was this mysterious, huge bag.
It says OISHI so you can somehow assume there's gotta be chips in there.  So no real surprise, huh?

Oh, yes, there is!  The big surprise was when the bag yielded a load of these similarly packaged yet undescribed chips.  Which now makes you think, "Oh, Wow.  What kind of chip is this?  A gazillion of this and I might not even like it."

Au Contraire, good reader!  Because that's the whole point.  You can't tell what kind of chip each pack opens to.  It can be anything, it can be intriguing, and it can be exciting.

So far, my husband has been pleasantly surprised opening up to O, Wow chicharon chips.  Our son, Miro, has ripped the pack to yummy potato chips.  And our son, Kenji, has happily discovered string chips and ridged chips on two separate occasions. 

We've started making a game out of it.  We take turns guessing which O, Wow chips we have in our packs.  For every correct guess, you get the option to swap your chips, or get another surprise pack for snacks later. :P  (Our family can cook up party games with almost anything.  Haha!)  With the wild guesses and fun surprises flying about, we've never had this much fun at snack time.

Ok, let's see what I got today.
Oh, Wow!  Cloved Fish Chips!

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