Friday, November 16, 2012

Papier Macheniacs: Strike a Pose!

Look at this fine set of Animaniacs paper sculpture.  They seem to be walking towards you, huh?  In fact, the guy at the right seems to be walking straight for your wallet.  Lol!
That's the magic of dynamic posing.  Our copyrighted contribution to the papier mache community. Eherm.

Papier maches are never popular for dynamism.  They usually just stand straight.  Unless transformed into an exciting pinata at party time.
But it doesn't always have to be that way.  You can do papier mache in action poses.  The secret is in the Propping While Drying (yet another copyright, lol!).

While sopped in glue and tissue, your figure is at its most flexible.  That's when you can start propping it to your desired pose.  It's pretty easy.  You can use just about anything lying around in the house.  Like this pencil, for that all-important 'legs apart' stance.

If you want a walking pose, you'll need more props --to keep one leg forward and the other at the back while keeping your figure's balance with yet another prop pushing at its back.  You have to hold the pose with a heavier prop in front so the figure doesn't slide.

You have to remember that the combination of wet glue and tissue makes your figure heavy.  It can droop all over the place if you don't hold it up with more props.  This figure with a huge head had to be held up while maintaining a 'Bring it on!' hunched pose.

Putting on that GRRR! face adds so much to the dynamism we're going for.  Uh-huh.

And... VOILA!  Head low, arm curled, right knee slightly bent, and one foot teetering --it looks like this Sonic is about ready to run.  Or, have only stopped after a run.  Either way, at least he's not just standing there waiting for a bat, right?

Mess with the passive papier mache stereotype and create your non-action action figure today.  Haha!  Loads of fun to ya!