Monday, November 19, 2012

When Age-Inappropriate IS Appropriate

We were lost, seriously.
Usually, I would've had the whole weekend planned.  Like, which age-appropriate experience should we tackle, where would we go, exactly what time we had to be there, which activity to take on first, where to eat, what time to pull out.  I'm a closet field trip organizer.
But this weekend, my husband conned me into an unplanned weekend.  Which, I can tell you now, scared the polyester pants off me.

We showed up at Powerplant Rockwell and then the rest was complete winging it. Overstaying at Fullybooked, overstaying at Data Blitz, overstaying at Build City, and finally (surprisingly) overstaying at Powerville Fun Rides.

Powerville Fun Rides.  Never-ending fairy princess party inside.
Miro (11) and Kenji (9) had the silliest time trying kiddie video games and rides that were waaay beyond their tastes (and sizes, I might add).  And they had the most sincere giggle fits as they enjoyed each age-inappropriate activity.

"Yay!  I can reach the pedals now. Haha!"
"Wow!  I'm finally the king of this game!"
The UFO catcher only catches cutesy toys.  "We used to like this game?!!"
"Woohoo!  This was so hard before.  Now it's sooo easy!"
I... I can explain.  Lol!
What's cool about this spontaneity is that my boys got to see how much they've grown and how long they've gone.  In their youth, they actually had a trip down memory lane.  It was priceless watching them being silly and nostalgic as they relived their preschool years.

So what life lesson did we get here?  Eat that, age-appropriateness.  And, eat that overplanning.  Winging it is hell more fun!  

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