Monday, October 25, 2010

Confessions of a Coffee Lover

I’ve always had a special relationship with coffee.  It wakes me up in the morning, perks me up at work, helps me socialize better, makes winding down delicious, and keeps me up when I need to.   
If coffee were a man, I’d say it earns the title of a lover.

But I’m not one of those so-called coffee connoisseurs.  My faithfulness to the love coffee brings means I take it no matter what the form.  Be it brewed.  Be it blended.  Be it instant.  Just like a romantic partner, it can change its mood during the course of the day --and I will still accept it wholeheartedly with no judgment.

My Affair with Brewed
When I have the time, this is like slow love making.  I grind the coffee beans carefully and methodically –taking into consideration the kind of grounds, the amount of water, the excellent condition of grinding equipment.  The secret to the best roast is in its flavorful aroma.  When that fills the room, I know it’s time to sip slowly and take in the adoration.

My Liaison with Blended
These are what I call social drinks of the hot kind.  Fancy cocktails that put the fun in coffee.  This would be like an interesting date that keeps the fire alive between my brew and me.  My personal favorites are Hot Banana Java Chip, Hot Caramel Apple Spice, Hot Espresso Macchiato.  Some take their blended coffees cold, but I would rather keep the passion fever pitch.

My Tryst with Instant
Ah, my compassionate companion.  When I’m rushing in the morning, it makes sure it’s conveniently available for my quick fix of the day.  It’s like a swift, hot kiss that builds up a flood of emotions in very little time.  It’s not a degrade like some would call it.  Instant coffee is made of the same Arabica and Robusta beans you grind and blend.  The only difference is that Instant coffee is freeze dried, just so I can feel the love just as instantly.

On top of these different techniques of coffee preparation, quality is still my top priority.  What good is a bond if it isn’t full-bodied and strong?  As long as coffee treats me right, I will take its love –no matter how—unconditionally.

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