Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Robot and Rocket Sunday

I'm on a roll!
Since most of our weekends are spent indoors now (thanks to you, evil financial problems!), I am close to developing some kind of brain tumor thinking about worthwhile indoor family projects.
I would like to give myself a well-meaning pat on the back for last Saturday's brainfart.  Lol!  Presenting Robot and Rocket Sunday!
Inspired by Art Attack and Artzooka's junk art methodology (and thanks to my husband's junk-hoarding prowess), I stripped and cleaned off some old (very old, I might add) vitamin bottles and stabbed them with juice straws for good measure.  Why?  That's for my kids to find out.

I just presented the skewered bottles to them and left them to think what they should make out of them.  And naturally --with paint and a vivid imagination-- they did.
Kenji made the Omnidroid.  Here seen emerging from a lake of lava.

Miro made what he calls a single pod rocket probe.  Here caught in the middle of lift off from the rocky surface of Mars.

I call this a successful Family Project Weekend.  Now to think of the next.  *brain melts.... ssss....*

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